Chiraya is all about aesthetic design inspired by nature and art. I am Carmen, the creator of this store where products are made on demand and order, therefore there is no wastage of products made in bulk.  The pursuit of global environmental sustainability in any which way I can is very important to me and one of my life values. Many of the products are eco-friendly and I will continuously strive to incorporate that into all of our items, such as the trending biodegradable phone case, preventing millions of pounds of waste in the oceans.

As an avid animal lover I support organisations who do amazing work in helping animals worldwide. I also have my own foundation as my bigger dream and vision is to develop it into having fulltime teams also doing this work. I give back 10% of all profits from my store currently to selected organisations, so by purchasing a one of a kind item you also support the animals! www.alfa.foundation

Every item is designed from an original painting or drawing I did, ranging from various fluid art pieces, abstracts, mandalas, charcoal drawings and my spirit animal series. 

Production and shipping is fast as almost all of the products are manufactured locally in the USA! Items are shipped within an average time of 2-7 days. There will be weekly promotions on specific items, so make sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive an immediate 10% discount voucher and to not miss the specials and new items, also keep up to date and in touch on our social media. Lastly, don’t forget to leave a review if you have made a purchase to help me grow my store! Thank you :-)

≈ Manufactured in the USA and Europe

≈ Unique custom designed and made to order

≈ Excellent quality